Ask the Doc


Physicians, Commission Members, and Athletes can e-mail Dr. Rizzo and “ask the Doc” nearly any ringside related issue.  Dr. Rizzo will answer via private e-mail to the best of his ability, including researching answers when possible.  E-mail Dr. Rizzo at, or contact him via the About /Contact page.


There are many sites that provide information to commissions, physicians, and athletes, but very few that are not selling something or do not have an agenda of one type or another.  The purpose of this site is to help standardize Ringside Medicine.  It is designed to provide clear, concise information and training to ringside physicians and personnel, in addition to bias-free health information for athletes. 


Commission members will find forms, training videos, and information on medical standard of care.  Athletes and trainers can find information on athlete health and safety. Physicians will find relevant review articles and other resources.  Cases From Ringside page presents clinical and administrative scenarios, with proposed possible recommendations, actual  ringside physicians have faced.

Video Presentations


YouTube medical instructional videos and ringside medicine power point presentation videos are now up on the Video Presentations page.  Check out Practical Aspects of Drug Screening and Specimen Handling, the Referee’s Evaluation of the Knocked-Down Fighter, and Paramedics and EMT’s at Ringside.  Coming soon are the Pre and Post-Bout Physical, and My Ringside Bag.


ARP/ACSM Certification Exam and Review


The Association of Ringside Physicians and the American College of Sports Medicine have jointly created the first psychometrically and statistically sound Certification Exam and application process to become a Certified Ringside Physician.  Click here for the ARP/ACSM website and application.


We have collected the most relevant resources for exam review, specifically to provide a thorough review in the most timely fashion.  The topics covered here on this website in the Video Presentations, Review Articles, and Physician Resources pages should provide a thorough and complete exam review.

Text Box: Updated 06/15/16