Welcome to Nicholas Rizzo’s food page! 

After growing up appreciating the extraordinary cooking of my extended Italian family, I went to culinary school.  At Kendall College, I was incredibly fortunate to have some of the finest teachers, including some incredibly successful American and international chefs, and an extraordinary sommelier. 

One of our assignments was to create a catering company proposal, complete with name and logo. Mine was “Mangia Questa”, which is Italian for “eat this”.  That phrase works internationally because, if almost anything is prepared properly, you can serve it to someone without their having to choose what to order off of a menu, and they’ll enjoy it, as is often the case in French bistros and Italian restaurants.

Since culinary school, I’ve had the habit of latching on to a particular recipe and toying around with and tweaking it typically for a few months to a year.  You may ask why I have a few things like mayo or crepes on the list, and the answer is that a number of these recipes contain the  tricks that make them easier or work the right way.

Usually I start out the recipe with a bit of the history of the dish.  I’ve come up with some of my favorites, listed to the left, and have also discovered some favorite recipes by others that I don’t believe I could improve on. 

Lastly, I’ve created a list of the highest rated or best kitchen utensils and tools.

I hope you enjoy all of the above.